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Hostgator vs Justhost

Often, for determining the best, it is essential to make a comparison between two best competing companies. Similarly, to assist you in the process of identifying the best web hosting service, we list a range of comparisons between Hostgator and Justhost to simplify decision making for you.

Hostgator vs Justhost Plan comparison

Justhost comes with a simple plan that is pretty cheap compared to all the plans offered by Hostgator. On the other hand, Hostgator sets up business people by offering three different plans namely Business, Hatchling and Baby Plan. As the name suggests, these three plans appropriately fit according to the status of a business. Three plans allow better flexibility for a user to decide on which to select and which not to. Justhost single plan can sometimes become too rigid and may force people to consider Hostgator.

The other aspect which gives an edge to Hostgator is in respect to additional services. None of the Justhost plans offer dedicated IP to the users. The businesses once they reach a steady phase are looking for a worldwide expansion and essentially need a dedicated IP to manage their online orders. This service of dedicated IP is offered in the business plan of Hostgator, which happens to be the most expensive one amongst the three. That being said… Hostgator provides special hostgator coupon codes that you can use to make the plan more affordable. For a listing of these coupons for hostgator I recommend that you visit the Hostgator Coupon Bayou. Their official website is: http://hostgatorcouponbayou.com/ and they provide an up to date listing of all the best hostgator promo codes.

Hostgator vs Justhost Performance and speed comparison

The performance and speed of Hostgator is certainly better than Justhost because Hostgator adds value to the expensive plans by facilitating quality services. Justhost is a newly established company, which has begun developing an extensive network now. But, Hostgator has functioned in the industry for over a decade and hence, the performance and speed of services they facilitate certainly outclass Justhost and other similar web hosting portals.

Customer service and uptime parameters

Uptime is an essential stat every new or existing business website would like to consider. The higher is the up time, the bigger is the loss of image and reputation to the business. Many a times, due to failures, online businesses tend to lose many clients. Hence, immediate services of customer care and minimum uptime is extremely crucial to sustain in the online business.

Hostgator being in the industry for over a decade realizes this and features best in class customer care response, to immediately address the issues the customer might be facing. Justhost also promises the same but, there are many unsatisfied customers with lists of complaints. However, both the portals promise quick uptime and 24/7 customer care availability.

Consistency in services and pricing

Hostgator has now become an experienced campaigner and hence, maintains consistency in the services and pricing strategies. Justhost being a new entrant focuses on capturing the market and hence, there are a lot of fluctuations in the pricing strategies. The consistency in services or pricing plans is not guaranteed as Justhost has to still explore a lot to compete against other market leaders.

Overall, Hostgator vs Justhost in terms of reliability, flexibility and service considerations, Hostgator web hosting services prove to be more beneficial in comparison to the Justhost services. However, careful plan selection based on requirements can help in using Hostgator services optimally.