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Bluehost Coupon Codes 2015

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So you are looking for a trusted and reliable hosting company for your new blogs? In this article I’m going to give you my thorough and hands on review of Bluehost – the one and only hosting service you’ll need for your site. First, I’ll go over some of the more important features of Bluehost and why I use them to host all of my blogs, and later on I’ll actually take you inside the control panel of Bluehost and show you exactly how it works.


Bluehost Coupon 2015

First and foremost, let me touch on why I eventually moved all of my blogs away from other hosts, like Hostgator and iPage, over to Bluehost. The most important reason is that Bluehost hosting is really fast. If you go over to their “Hosting Features” section on their website, they actually talk about how they have “Dual Quad Processors” and for those of you that are not “Internet marketing nerds” or “website geeks”, all that means is that their hosting has a supreme speed! As you know, people on the Internet are really impatient, they don’t have time to wait for your site to load so if you have a slow loading site, it will make the promotion of your site a lot harder! And also for SEO purposes, Google prefers sites that load faster, and that’s why I found my Bluehost sites tend to do a bit better than sites that used to be hosted on another company.

They also offer a lot of other features too, like Unlimited Domains, Unlimited Hosting Space,… and they throw in a free domain when you buy a hosting plan with them using the promo codes on our site. Even better, you’ll also get a $100 free AdWords credits to start driving high quality traffic to your site immediately. So not only do Bluehost have a lot of the features that other hosts have but they are also have some extras, plus they’re a lot faster and cheaper – especially if you use the promo codes on our site, you can start having all these features for only [INSERT YOUR NUMBER HERE] dollars a month, which is dirt cheap!

Now let’s see what’s actually inside the control panel when you have registered a hosting account. There are a lot of buttons and icons here but I only need you to focus on 1 most important and most used feature in Bluehost – CloudFlare.

When you use Bluehost to host your site, you get access to CloudFlare for completely FREE! Keep in mind that this service is usually for big, authority sites so normally you’d have to pay $30 a month for it, but with Bluehost, you never lose a dime. This awesome feature basically lets you host your site using the latest Cloud technology, which means all your content will be copied and distributed to a system of servers all over the world! The result: MUCH faster loading time! As you’ve probably understood, if a site is hosted in the US and you want to access it in China, for example, then it might take quite a bit of time to load… But with Cloudflare, your content is now presented in Chinese servers and it will be loaded at lightning speed! Moreover, Cloudflare also protects you from all kinds of hacks and attacks, because your content is now stored in not one, but many different places!

So to sum up, Bluehost has all the features that other hosts have, plus some extremely useful extras (like CloudFlare) and it’s also cheaper! And remember that you can save even more money by using the promo codes on our website! So get your code, sign up with Bluehost now and I can assure you’ll never regret it!